Every game court we install is custom-built to meet the unique needs of your family and your home or backyard. Our residential backyard game court surfaces are designed to have superior shock absorption that makes it easier on your knees and joints, and has longer lasting material, consistent ball bounce and natural water drainage. We have an array of colors, designs, accessories and will even add a family crest or team logo for a personal touch. Sport Court® of Arizona proudly serves Scottsdale, Tucson, Phoenix, and all areas in-between.


One family, one court, FIFTEEN GAMES!

All of our court accessories are integrated to fit together making it convenient and easy to change your Sport Court® multi-sport game court into something special. There are literally dozens of games that you can play on your multi-sport game court, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, pickleball, and so much more.


Sport Court® of Arizona's backyard basketball courts are designed and built to last through the Arizona heat and allow natural water drainage, which is important during monsoon season. Sport Court® of Arizona proudly serves Scottsdale, Tucson, Phoenix, and all areas in-between


Is weather a concern for your family? Bring the family fun and competition indoors with a custom built in home basketball court.

Our indoor home gym flooring lasts longer giving you and your family years of playing time. With water resistant surfaces, our indoor home gyms are easily maintained and come with a 15-year warranty.


Futsal is similar to soccer, but played on a hard athletic surface like Sport Court®'s PowerGame™. This sport is generally played indoors but if you love the outdoors, Sport Court® of Arizona will install an outdoor futsal court in your own backyard.


Looking for a sport the entire family will enjoy? Sport Court® of Arizona has the perfect backyard pastime for your family and friends. Pickleball courts incorporate 3 different sports combining tennis, badminton and table tennis into one playing court.