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Post Tension Tennis Courts for Arizona

Sport Court of Arizona provides post tension tennis courts for new tennis court construction and the rebuilding of old tennis courts. Post tension tennis courts are ideal for the poor soil conditions in Arizona because they help reduce cracking and maintenance repair. Contact us today for a tennis court installation.

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What is a Post Tension Tennis Court?

Much like the systems used on bridges, a post tension tennis court incorporates a monolithic concrete slab with cables that are tensioned after the concrete has cured to a certain compressive strength. This stressing keeps any cracks that may develop over time on your tennis court to a hairline.

A post tension tennis court also offers:

  • Increased resistance to settling and/or heaving
  • Elimination of cold joints around net posts and fence posts
  • Better uniformity of play
  • More controlled slope for drainage
  • Stable, attractive concrete edge
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Ability to construct over existing tennis courts
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