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Aerobic Flooring for Arizona

Sport Court of Arizona is an official dealer for Sport Court® aerobic flooring and has been serving the Arizona commercial industry for over 35 years. Our aerobic floors are designed for high impact aerobics, and other forms of exercise and require little to no maintenance. Contact us today for an aerobic flooring installation.

Understanding the needs of athletes' when it comes to aerobic flooring is crucial. Aerobics and high impact workouts can cause serious tension on joints and knees if you don't have impact absorbing surfaces.

Sport Court® aerobic flooring is installed with high quality flooring products for sport facilities in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. Our flooring has a urethane finish that creates a sophisticated look while being durable and long lasting.

Grow your business by offering your athletes a safe and cushioned surface to practice and master their skills. Check out our aerobic flooring pictures.

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